I guess I should probably introduce myself, hey?


My name is Megan, and I’m so happy to meet you and have you here!

I’ve created this blog to share my experiences with (primarily) two topics that are often “taboo” in nature, and how they go hand in hand.

Mental health & Sexuality.

I’m not a professional, by any means at all. I have room to grow, just like

you, and everyone else in this crazy world that we all call home.

I created this blog in hopes of making a safe place for my thoughts, and all of yours, in hopes of helping other people along the way.

It’s a place dedicated to our journey through mental illness and recovery.

On this blog you can expect to find posts on anything from;

Healthy coping skills



Panic attacks


helpful links


Happy dogs

(and pretty much anything else that I think could be helpful to someone out there)

Like I said, this is all based on my own experiences, and yours. This is NOT professional advice, or coming from one, nor should it be a substitute for professional help.

So who are you, Megan?

Well, let me introduce myself to you, internet friends. I’m a Canadian woman who loves coffee, tea, dogs, my wonderful family, and anything that has to do with mental health and psychology.

I make coffee, tea, and lattes for those who love to drink them to make my pocket change (which often goes back to buy more coffee, tea, and lattes, if I’m being honest)

A lot of my spare time is spent with critters of all kinds (This probably contributes to why I must pet every dog in sight)

When I am feeling like myself, I love to go on walks, hikes, and I love going on long drives that don’t necessarily have a destination.

I love all things art, and I love the outdoors.

I love to paint the outdoors, hands, and on people.

I’ve gone through a lot for someone that’s only eighteen. I’ve truly seen a lot of shit. I’ve experienced many things, good, and bad.

But that’s part of the reason why both you and I are here.

Trigger warning

Between the ages of fourteen and sixteen I was sexually assaulted and abused by my step father.

Many of the things that he did have contributed to me becoming both anxious and depressed, and for so long I couldn’t let go of the fact that;

  1. I had two mental health issues.
  2. I couldn’t get through them alone.
  3. I had to get professional help.

I was ashamed, embarrassed, and afraid.

It consumed me and my entire life.


since then I’ve improved.

I’m not through this, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But now I want to help other people see that light too.

When I was at my worst, I didn’t know how to help myself. I laid in bed for days at a time,  until I couldn’t any longer.

I want this blog to be something that I needed at that time.

I want nothing more than to help another person feel a little better.

To improve someones day.

To help someone see the light that I couldn’t.

And that’s who I am, internet.

All my love,

Megan xx