No more silence moving forward

I feel like a lot of people are really surprised to see someone talk so openly about their struggles on a public platform, especially the topics that I focus on. While I understand that they are very intimate and personal, I think it’s really important that we talk openly as the silence is one of the main reasons that metal health remains so stigmatized.

When I was first diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, I was so ashamed because I had allowed myself to come to such a dark point in my life. I didn’t want anyone to know what went on inside my head, an it wasn’t until I began letting others in, that I began to heal.

It saddens me that my story is not the only one like it.

Without consciously being aware that we are doing it, we discourage those that are struggling with their mental health to not get help. We drug shame those that take medications prescribed by a medical professional. We judge when someone goes to counselling. We tell people to

“just get over it”.

It’s no surprise that we have so many people living amongst us that are too afraid to come forward and ask for help, because we collectively are not a safety net that’s willing to catch them.

I hope one day that our society can become that, but before that happens we need to alter the way that we talk and think about those that are struggling with a mental health issue.

It’s sad to think about how much my High School years were affected because no one knew how to be friends with the girl who couldn’t focus enough to take notes because she was so busy replaying her traumatic memories of the past.

I want so much for us to become a place that is safe for everyone.

Safe for my old self to come forward and feel supported not judged when she can’t get out of bed to go to class.

Safe for the boy who had to stop going to school because he needed to focus on healing.

Safe for the men and women who ideate suicide as the only answer.

Safe for those that hide so much pain behind a curtain of white teeth. 

That starts with us. We need to tell people how we feel, what does help and what doesn’t help. We need to allow ourselves enough compassion to let love in. Even when you think the world is the coldest most bitter pace, love is always there, sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to find it.

We want to be talked to, and to be loved and cared for, as much as it may seem like we don’t sometimes.

I can tell you first hand that asking how someone is doing when you’re concerned about them will mean the world to them.

Our world as it is right now is a scary place to live in, and it becomes even more scary when you feel like the entire world is pitted against you.

So reach out,

tell your story,

ask for help, 

communicate to your loved ones. 

I’m open because talking about it is the only way that we are going to change the way that we think about mental illness and I hope that we can all learn to do that.


All my love,

Megan xx





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